This is part two to the article I wrote on Friday which was the top 3 reasons TO propose on Valentine’s Day.  Valentine’s Day, a day that’s supposed to be full of love, tends to be overdone, stressful and downright unpleasant, yet many still claim it is the most romantic day of the year.  While there are some perks, here are my top 3 reasons NOT to propose on Valentine’s Day.

Break the Bank

Since it’s a romantic day for not just you and your partner but everyone else as well, Valentine’s Day has obviously become a big day for consumerism.  Why pay 3 times the price for roses and a limo when you don’t have to?

Be Original

If your loved one likes to stray from the ordinary or isn’t big on Hallmark holidays, keep your proposal for a day less cliche.  While many do find Valentine’s Day to be fairytale-esque, a large number of women also find it cheesy and overdone.  Avoid the risk of being seen as corny and stick to a proposal any other day of the year.

You’re Not Alone

Many people do not think a pre-set menu and an overcrowded restaurant is romantic, but it is the unfortunate reality of Valentine’s Day.  It also takes some fun out of the proposal planning when you can’t get a reservation at any of her favorite restaurants or tickets to her favorite event because everyone else has the same idea.  Or did you want to wait in line for an hour just to pick up her flowers?  How about getting to the local bakery to find out they’ve just run out of her favorite dessert?  You get the point.

A marriage proposal is supposed to be about you and significant other.  Why choose a day that is everyone else’s special day too?  Let the Heart Bandits help you achieve the Valentine’s Day level romance any other day of the year!  Contact us today to get started planning your unique proposal idea and then start on the planning after!  If you are choosing not to propose on Valentine’s Day, we already know you are not a conformist.  So why would you use the horrible free bulky engagement ring box that bulges out of your pocket?  Get a slim engagement ring box from and really stand out from the crowd.


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