Photo By Petronella Photography

Photo By Petronella Photography

Music is magical, and because you want your proposal to be perfect, you should think about incorporating musical elements in your marriage proposal. Here are five ideas for adding music that will enhance the mood of your proposal.

  1. Having a CD ready for the car or for your venue that has romantic, meaningful and personal songs can be a great way to enhance the experience before, during, or after your proposal. Pick songs that you know your partner loves, and that fits the vibe you are going for. The CD itself is also something that your partner can keep forever as a memento.
  2. A string quartet is often the musical accompaniment of choice at weddings, and for good reason. Nothing inspires emotion the way that a string quartet does, with performances that range from sweet to powerful. The good thing about instrumental accompaniment is that it can easily be placed in the background, or it can be a feature – the choice is yours.
  3. While instruments can be special, there is a certain quality and synergy that comes from a choir. If your intended is a fan of gospel for instance, hiring a local choir would be a nice touch.
  4. Having a large group of people present for your proposal may not be what you envision. For something more intimate, hire a solo guitarist, or harpist. Just keep in mind that musicians who have larger instruments will have certain restrictions.
  5. A pianist can add elegant ambiance to any proposal. If you are proposing at a restaurant for instance, you may want to pick one that has a pianist during dinner service. You can often request a certain song to be played in advance!

Do you need help finding just the right musical touch? Let us know what you envision and we here at The Heart Bandits will bring your vision to life!  From helping you with the proposal idea to the flawless execution, we have you covered.  Also, don’t settle for the HUGE ring boxes that come with your engagement ring and are impossible to hide.  Check out our compact engagement ring boxes that are perfect for keeping your ring safely concealed until just the right moment at our sister site,

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