I am so excited to share today’s Philadelphia marriage proposal with you.  It doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles that our proposals usually have, but it does have a lot of heart.  The proposal I am sharing with you today has the most thoughtful gesture I have ever seen in a marriage proposal.

Colin contacted us a few months ago because he wanted to make sure that his proposal was truly a special one.  He knew he wanted to propose at the Mutter Museum because that is where they had their first date.  He needed us to come up with some fake reporters that would get them into another room for his proposal.  And then here it is, the sweetest gesture ever!  He wanted to ask his girlfriend’s father for permission to marry his daughter, but unfortunately he had passed on.  He knew he still wanted to show respect and ask but he wanted us to come up with a way to capture it and include it into the proposal.  We decided to hire a sketch artist to draw him at the grave site.  Tell me this isn’t the most thoughtful proposal ever.



Colin and Wendy took their children to Mutter Museum for a private tour.  About half way into the private tour, 2 “news reporters” approached them and told them that they were writing an article on why museums are great for dates and asked if they can interview them.  The “reporters brought them into a private room and asked the couple some questions.  The “reporter” asked Wendy if they were married yet and when she said no, they asked Colin “What are you waiting for?” He explained that he was waiting until he could ask her father for permission and then handed her this drawing.  He proposed and she said yes!  We are so happy for them.


Drawing by Mike Theuer




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