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Maui Proposal Ideas


Maui Proposal Ideas

Michele and I just came back from our amazing 1 Year Anniversary trip to Maui and it was just amazing. The island is very beautiful and you have no choice but to relax and enjoy the weather, beach, and island lifestyle. While we were there I couldn’t help but think of some of the amazing proposal ideas that could be had there (it’s the proposal planner mindset in me). That’s why today I’m going to share with you some wonderful Maui Proposal Ideas that you can do in case you are going to be visiting this gorgeous island.

Beach Dinner

There are just tons of amazing beaches in Maui. One of my personal favorites was Napili Beach with the nearby bay filled with sea turtles. With so many beaches here, you can easily setup a surprise dinner on the beach for your sweetie. Being in a new location will definitely bring in the surprise factor. Your The Heart Bandits Proposal Planners are experts at doing this.

Helicopter Ride over Beach/Cliffs

While we were on the beach we noticed that there were tons of helicopters flying over. You can find many helicopter tours that take you around the island to see the beaches, cliffs, mountains, and resorts. A good proposal idea would be to have a large sign over a romantic location so your partner will see it in mid-air.

On Road To Hana

This is one of the most beautiful drives you can take in the U.S. because you get to see the island, ocean, rainforest, gorgeous waterfalls, and overall beautiful scenery. Rent a convertible with your girlfriend and take her on this ride. Stop at a predetermined location with an amazing backdrop and propose to her.

On a Private Sunset Cruise

To get an amazing proposal, try chartering a private sunset cruise. The water is gorgeous surrounding the island and you see other nearby islands that add to the beauty. Take her out on this cruise and propose as the sun is setting to create a very romantic setting.

Maui is absolutely one of the most beautiful places on Earth, so it’s no surprise that you really can’t fail if you’re proposing here. If you would like more engagement ideas for Maui or your town it is best to use a marriage proposal planner that knows how to get you the best proposal idea and how to coordinate it. The Heart Bandits know how to help you propose to personalize your proposal and make it unique to your relationship. Contact us today to get started.


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