As marriage proposal experts at The Heart Bandits, we usually mainly deal with the proposal portion of a relationship. After the engagement however, there is still that little event that will take place called the actual wedding. With today’s age of technology, it’s no surprise that everything goes on the internet and social media before you can even say ‘I Do’. That is why today we are featuring a great company called Marry Me Live that specializes in streaming your wedding live on the internet so that all your friends and family can watch that couldn’t attend.

We think a service like this would be great for certain proposals scenarios where your friends and family know that you will be getting engaged and could watch live. We absolutely LOVE their business for these reasons.


Professional Video

They are not just your 12-year niece that has an iphone taking video and putting it on Facebook. They are professionals that will give you high quality results.

Live Video

I’m kind of a techie person myself so when I heard about them I thought it was really cool that they do live streaming. People could watch live so that they could share in your special day as it is happening. They could live the emotion from you in real-time so it doesn’t get much better than that.

Non-Attendees Can Watch You Get Married

For the friends and family that couldn’t make it to your wedding, you give them the opportunity to see it as it’s happening. It’s the next best thing to physically being there and sharing in your moment.

Costs Savings

For anybody that has gotten married recently (as Michele and I have), you know that weddings can get pretty ridiculously expensive. When you start adding up your guest count, it gets pricey so unfortunately you cannot invite absolutely everyone you want to. That’s why their services are great because you can keep your wedding in-budget while allowing others to share in your day.

As always, if you would like help in creating the perfect marriage proposal or romantic date before your wedding or after, then contact us TODAY! We will help make your marriage proposal or romantic date perfect.


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  • Michele

    I wish I had done this for my wedding!