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In a marriage proposal, when should you tip and how much?

People always ask us if you should tip your proposal vendors. Tipping is never expected but if you felt that someone went over and above, use this proposal tipping guide.


If the photographer or videographer doesn’t own the studio, you could consider tipping each person or giving a lump tip with a note to disperse among the staff. About $10-$50 is more than enough, depending on how extensive their photography/videography was.


Tipping musicians, whether it be an a cappella ensemble or a full band, is completely optional, depending on the quality of their performance and whether your expectations were met. If you do decide to tip, about $25 per performer is standard.


Did you hire a limousine or towncar to chauffeur you and your beau around the town? It is considered normal to tip drivers 15% of the total service fee.


It is not expected for you to tip the florist, but if they have done an exceptional job and you would like to show your gratitude, a 10-15% tip will do the trick!

Delivery and Set-Up Staff

If a team came in to set-up your proposal location, whether it be decorations or moving furniture, consider tipping $5-10 per person as a thank-you for their hard work.

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Maggie Tietz

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