We are SO excited to share with you a unique marriage proposal that we helped plan last week. Marshall contacted The Heart Bandits Proposal Planners about a month ago and he needed help figuring out how he should propose to his girlfriend Melodie.  He knew he wanted it to be a surprise, but most importantly, he wanted it to include his 2 beautiful children.  We presented him many ways to include his children in the marriage proposal and he decided to go with this cute public proposal in Santa Monica.

On an unsuspecting day, Melodie’s sister offered to take the kids out which gave Marshall the perfect chance to invite Melodie out for a day on the beach.  Melodie and Marshall hung out on Santa Monica beach and then at 5pm they headed down Santa Monica Pier.  Little did Melodie know, that on the end of the pier, her proposal was waiting.  As she got to the end of the pier, she saw a line of people holding roses and a helper holding a sign that said “Melodie”.  The helper asked Melodie to go through the line and as she did, strangers started handing her roses.  After they handed her a rose, they stepped off to the side.  The last strangers gave Melodie their roses and stepped to the side revealing her 2 children at the end of the line.  Melodie was overcome with emotion when she saw her babies holding roses and read their t-shirts that said, “Mommy, Will You Marry My Daddy?”  The whole proposal was caught on camera by Vaylia Photography.  Congrats Marshall and Melodie!  This is perfect inspiration for how to pop the question.

Creating a surprise proposal can be difficult to pull off by yourself. We are experts at creating surprise proposals and finding the perfect location for you to propose. We can give you proposal ideas or help you with the proposal planning of your engagement. Contact us today to get started on making your dream proposal come true.


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  • Jaf Gifts

    That was sweet!

    • Marvin

      Yes it was! It was a blast to help make it happen.