If you follow our Facebook page (and you totally should), you probably already know that Marvin and I just bought our first home!  The joy of buying a home and the new chapter of your life together that it symbolizes is the reason why it could make the perfect proposal location.  While unpacking my things this weekend, I definitely got some inspiration for proposal ideas in your brand new home.  For now, here are the top 4 reasons you should propose in your new home.

Marvin and Michele in front of their new home

Marvin and Michele in front of their new home

Utilize Big Empty Space

When you rent out a proposal venue, you have to work with what is already in the room.  With your own house, you get to use the entire space for your proposal.  Take advantage of using the front yard, back yard, trees, and inside of the house.

Not Dependent on Weather

Unless you live in Los Angeles like us, weather is usually a concern.  There is a lot of risk if you rent an outdoor proposal venue and it rains.  You often will have to pay to tent the place or pay to move it inside.  But when you propose in your own house, you move the proposal around as you see fit.


Ok, maybe free isn’t the right word since you have to pay mortgage.  But at least that is money going into your equity and not into some venue owner’s pocket right?

Sentimental Value

The number one reason to propose in your brand new home is for sentimental value.  Buying a home together is one of the most significant milestones in a couple’s life.  Why not add to the sentiment by proposing there?

If you want to have a creative proposal idea in your house, contact The Heart Bandits – Marriage Proposal Planners today.  We will help you come up with a personalized idea and then bring it to life for you!


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