Santa Monica Beach this past weekend where we had a nice bike ride

This last weekend Michele and I took advantage of the nice weather in Los Angeles and decided to rent some bikes and take a ride along the beach. It was really nice and we loved the time we got to spend together. Our nice ride got me thinking that there must be some people that would really enjoy proposal ideas that have to do with outdoors and adventure.

Though I wouldn’t consider a casual ride along Santa Monica beach very adventuresome, there could definitely be some ways to make it more thrilling. There are also some ways of making adventurous proposals more romantic. Below are some ways that you can do that.

Bike Ride to Surprise Location

This bike ride could be on a mountain trail or on the beach. The goal is to make it seem like that’s all you and are your partner are going to do. After enjoying a nice ride, you then stop off at a location where you setup a nice picnic. The picnic will have elements that are relevant to your relationship. At this surprise is where you will propose at.

Skydive Into Dinner for Two

I LOVE this idea because it’s very James Bond-ish. The idea is that you are your girl do something crazy adventurous like skydiving. You two jump out of the plane and have the time of your lives. But you don’t do just a simple sign at the bottom. Once you land, you have a nice table for two arranged to have a romantic dinner on the ground outdoors so you can propose. It will be an amazing blend of adventure and romance.

Sports Car Rental to Scenic Outlook

Similar to the skydive proposal, you can rent a sports car or motorcycle and take your sweetie for a thrilling ride along the coast or mountains. You two have a blast doing this. Right as you two are at the height of the moment, you pull off to a location where there is an amazing view and no one around. You enjoy the change of pace and propose to her.

Rockclimb to the Surprise Top

For those that love outdoors recreation this one is great. You setup some type of surprise like a picnic, scrapbook, or box at the top of a rockclimbing cliff. Your tell your partner that you really can’t wait to get to the top because it will be amazing up there. Once you reach it, she will find out why.

No matter what your personality is like, The Heart Bandits can help you with a customized proposal idea. Your idea will be unique to your partner and your relationship. Once your idea is set then we can do the marriage proposal planning as we are the best in the world at that. Contact us today to get starting on making your dream engagement come true!


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