With this latest round of government spending cuts, it’s safe to say that there are some people that will be acting more conservative with regards to their spending. If you’re thinking of proposing, then you might actually be thinking about ways to not spend too much on it. You can still have an amazing engagement without spending a lot of money, you just have to make sure you plan it well. Below are marriage proposal ideas by The Heart Bandits for the budget conscious person.


Proposing at the beach is a perfect way to save money

At a Romantic Beach or Rooftop

This is a classic type of proposal that can never really go old. This is especially true if you two have shared a date at a beach or rooftop before. Schedule to go here at sunset then tell her how you feel and propose.

Listening to Your Song

This is a super simple way to propose to someone. Simply take your partner someone nice and/or special and put headphones on her while playing “your song”. When she hears it, dance with her for a moment then propose. It will be a nice way to feel private in an open area.

Sentimental Items at Home

Another way of keeping proposal costs down is using items that you already own. You can do this by creating a scrapbook or creating a type of mural in your own home. It will essentially be a timeline of your relationship together. Make the room more romantic by playing romantic songs and adding tealights.

The Place You First Met

Bring your relationship full circle by proposing at the place you first met. Most likely you won’t have to spend a ton to get there so you can make it special by writing her a love note and telling her why you’re going back to that special spot.

Coming up with good proposal ideas if you’re on a budget can be tough. We have created All Inclusive Proposal Ideas in different cities to help those that are in such a bind. For those that are looking for custom ideas and proposal planning, contact us today. We are the world’s premier proposal planning company and can help you get the proposal you want.


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