The proposal we are going to share with you seems like it is right out of a movie.  From the picturesque views of New York City to the elegantly drawn love story of Arun and Aswathi, this proposal is simply breathtaking.


When we interviewed Arun, what stood out to us was the way he told his love story with Aswathi.  So with the help of Arun, we came up with the concept to tell the love story in pictures!  We rented out a gorgeous rooftop overlooking Manhattan as the backdrop for their picture perfect proposal. We hired an artist to draw several pictures of Arun And Aswathi which told the story of the milestones in their relationship.  The first was a drawing of Arun and Aswathi using Facetime as that is how they communicated when they were far apart. The next showed her 25th birthday in New York City and their first trip to Hollywood.


The following picture showed Arun meeting Aswathi’s family for the first time and last but certainly not least, the drawing of Arun proposing right on the very rooftop that they were standing on.  Since purple is her favorite color, we had a florist design beautiful purple floral arrangements.


Arun proposed and Aswathi said yes!  The two went on to celebrate with a romantic dinner  inside the Penthouse.  Thank you Arun for choosing The Heart Bandits – New York Proposal Planners.





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