On Valentine’s Day this year The Heart Bandits Proposal Planners had an opportunity to coordinate a very nice wedding proposal for a very nice gentleman named Justin. It was one of those proposals that had a lot of moving parts but it turned out just perfect and very touching.

Justin came to us and said that he wanted to completely surprise his girlfriend and wanted to do a public proposal. He was not a dancer by any means but wanted to do some kind of performance before he got on bended knee. Knowing this we helped him come up with the perfect proposal scenario that would leave her completely surprised and touched.

Justin took his girlfriend to dinner at Fleming’s Steakhouse in LA Live. While he was there, The Heart Bandits were secretly gathering at the Nokia Plaza area of LA Live prepping his surprise marriage proposal. We had enlisted the help of several volunteers to support this proposal and to our surprise many more people on the spot wanted to help. Maybe it was the love in the air because it was Valentine’s Day but their willingness to help made the event even more elaborate.

At approximately 9pm that night after they finished dinner, Justin walked with his girlfriend to the Nokia Plaza area. Justin told her that he had to go to the restroom so he told her to wait in the plaza as he ran off. As she stood there she noticed a crowd of people gathered near the center of the plaza. One of the women from the crowd walked towards her holding a large sign. As she approached, she flipped the sign over to reveal a picture of her and Justin during one of their vacations. Another person from the crowd walked up to her with another sign. He flipped it over and it had a saying that read “Our first date was at the Promenade and it was raining”. Another person walked by and gave her a beautiful red rose. Three more people with signs walked up with signs that had more pictures of them and they started forming a circle around her. Another three people approached and flipped over their signs that had said “You are smart, humorous, and a great dresser”, “When you laugh & smile it makes my heart melt”, and “We have similar thoughts and dreams”. Another 6 people then walked up to her with flowers and handed them to her. At this point she knew that Justin was up to something and couldn’t wait to see what it was because the anticipation was so high. Justin had made his way back from hiding and after the last person gave her the flower, the crowd then made an opening for him and as he appeared he did a small but very cute dance for her. He dropped to one knee and proposed to her. She of course said yes and the crowd cheered them on.

It was a very romantic proposal and Justin was so happy and grateful for the perfect execution by his Proposal Planners. He managed to surprise her, have the proposal in public, and do his dance. Well done Justin!

Creating surprise marriage proposals can be difficult to pull off by yourself. We are here to help though and are masters at creating surprise public proposals in addition to intimate romantic proposals. We can give you proposal ideas or help you with the coordination and planning of your perfect marriage proposal. Contact us Today to get started on making your dream proposal come true.


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  • Michele

    I love this proposal! It was so fun to be a part of it!