I have seen so many amazing Indian weddings that make me wish I would have ditched my white dress and gone for beautiful bright saree.  And I can tell you from personal experience, Indian Marriage Proposals are just as amazing.  I have arranged beautiful Indian canopies and had my proposer come in on an elephant! If you want to add some gorgeous Indian flare to your marriage proposal, here are 4 elements you should consider adding.


If you are looking for Indian Proposal Ideas, the first thing you need to start off with is finding a venue and it must be colorful.  You can drape beautiful red and gold fabric on the walls and ceiling, put an amazing canopy up on the beach, or find a room that is already bright.


Proposal planned by The Heart Bandits for our client Sameer


Proposal Planning by The Heart Bandits

Dancing and music are a huge part of the Indian Culture.  Consider hiring Bhangra dancers to perform during your proposal.  If you are going to have dancers, you will need music.  Think about bringing in a live drummer for bonus points.


You certainly don’t have to incorporate food in to the proposal, but why wouldn’t you?  It’s so good!  Either go to an Indian restaurant before the proposal, have it catered, or celebrate there after.


Family is very important in the Indian culture so make sure to include them in the after party.

If you are looking for the perfect proposal, contact The Heart Bandits-Wedding Proposal Planners.  We will help you figure out how to propose, where to propose, and execute all the details for you!  Contact us today.


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