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Do you like the idea of including a “Marry Me?” sign in your proposal? This is a fun trend that’s gaining momentum across the country, but it’s important to determine how heartfelt you want your marriage proposal to be. Sometimes, relying on a sign can take away from the magic of the moment.

To go from cheesy to romance, we’ve gathered some of our tried and true tips for proposing with signs.

Don’t use obnoxious signs to spell out a proposal message

Whether you want to propose in the middle of the city or surprise her at an intimate restaurant, “Marry me?” signs can sometimes diminish the significance of your emotions. Instead of focusing your energy on an elaborate sign, consider investing that same amount of attention into the message you’ll share with her when you get down on one knee. Your words will be more impactful and memorable than any sign you could ever create!

Make your sign subtle to blend in with the decor

If you choose to use a sign, subtle touches can help make the sign a romantic part of your proposal instead of being over-the-top. Are you proposing on the beach with a blanket, roses and romantic music? Consider spelling “Marry me?” in the sand or with flower petals along the shore. Your sign will be a nice complement to the emotions you’re expressing, instead of being the center of your proposal.  

Include a hint with your sign–not the whole message

Do you still like the idea of including a sign in your marriage proposal? Instead of relying on the sign to ask for her hand in marriage, try introducing the proposal with something clever like “I have a question for you” or “Look here.” This gives you an opportunity to say something from the heart, and she’ll also be able to hear you say “Marry me” out loud.

Incorporate family or pets

If you have children or pets, you can make it a family affair by including them in the proposal. This is also a great way to savor the magic of your proposal without relying too heavily on signs. Ask them to hold a cute “Will you marry my mom?” sign, but then take the initiative to express yourself as you’re down on one knee. Your family members will help create a sentimental introduction to your proposal, but you’ll still have a chance to flesh it out with a heartfelt message.

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Emily Barge

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