We have been contacted by many men wanting to re-propose.  Some of them botched the first proposal or didn’t propose at all. Others have divorced and want to get re-married (so sweet).  And some men just want to show their wives that they are still committed and would do it all again.  Whatever the reason you want to re-propose, here are some tips:

Start from Scratch

If you’re going to do a do-over proposal, one way is to approach it as a whole new endeavor.  Take what you know about her, and what you know she loves, and create an entire proposal idea from scratch. Pick a beautiful location or a thrilling event, and go down on one knee just like you once did.

We helped Tommy re-propose to Janet just this way in a fabulous Flash Mob proposal.  Flash Mob’s weren’t big when he proposed 16 years ago so this was a great concept for them.

Wedding Bells

Your wedding was the most beautiful day of your lives, and one of your fondest memories. Create a re-proposal that recalls your wedding day by using the color palette you created for the event, or by playing the song from your first dance at the reception. A recreation of her bridal bouquet will put the icing on the cake.

Memory Lane

Over the years, you’ve had the time to collect a lot of memories together. You’ve had a lot of adventures, and now is the time to recall them. Create a stunning re-proposal with pictures of your greatest moments, and use any souvenirs, locations or even people that will add richness to the telling of the story of your lives.

If the time is right for an amazing second proposal, contact The Heart Bandits. They are ready and waiting to help you create the ideal expression of your love and devotion, past and future.


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