When it comes to proposing marriage, there are countless ways of doing it. For many people that propose, they choose a location that is not at their living space nor within walking distance. For those people, they have to take a drive to get to their proposal destination. Today we will discuss ways that you can make such a drive worthwhile for your proposal.


Take a romantic and scenic drive for your marriage proposal

Scenic Drive to a Nice Stop

This is by far the simplest and most controllable way to propose if you need to drive. All you need to do is take a drive through an area that gives you amazing views. This could be through a forest with great views of mountains, along the coast with views of the ocean, or along a street with views of a downtown skyline. You just have to make sure that after experiencing the great scenery, you stop at an equally great place to take in more views and propose.

Limo Ride to a Winery

This is a favorite. Wineries are very romantic and are a good place to propose. The best way to get there is to have a limousine take you. You can treat your girlfriend like a queen by riding in style and then propose at the winery.

Surprise Chauffeur Ride

Another way to treat her like royalty is to have a chauffeur pick up your partner to surprise her on the way to your proposal. She will have no idea what is going on but will feel incredibly special that you took the effort to do it this way.

Horse Carriage Ride

Probably THE most romantic way to ride. It brings old school charm and chivalry into your proposal. You can propose with a carriage ride to a nice park location (such as Central Park) or you can have your girlfriend be picked up by a carriage. Both ways bring out the romance of the proposal.

Whatever you decide to do for your marriage proposal, make sure that you have a solid plan. The absolute best way to do that is by hiring The Heart Bandits. We are proposal experts and can help you create a proposal with the perfect plan to completely wow your partner. Contact us today!


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