Being in this proposal planning business for some years now, we’ve seen lots of trends come in. Some don’t seem to stay but others, like the use of social media, seem like they will be around forever. Using social media in your marriage proposal can be very tricky though, so that’s why today The Heart Bandits want to help out. Below are some tips that you can use to incorporate social media tools into your proposal.

YouTube Your Marriage Proposal

Yes of course! This is the reason why guys have higher standards to meet. But you don’t have to have an elaborate proposal idea in order for you to video it. If your marriage proposal is sentimental to you and your partner, it’s definitely worth videotaping and putting it up on YouTube so your close friends and family can see. Everyone loves to see a good proposal that is well thought out and captures the emotion of the moment.

Use Instagram for Scavenger Hunt Clues

During your actual proposal, you can use social media by having your girlfriend go on a scavenger hunt based on clues. Instagram is a great tool to use for this. Go to places that you and your sweetie have been to before and take vintage-style Instagram photos of it. Then text her and tell her to find those places. At those locations, she will find clues left behind by you that will lead to your proposal.

Tweet the Status of your Proposal

Earlier this year a guy proposed and put every status of his proposal on Twitter. You can do this as well if you have told people what your plans are. It will be exciting for your friends to know what’s going on and it will make them feel like they’re right there with you.

Have Facebook Friends Send Instructions

If your partner is always on Facebook, you can enlist the help of some of her Facebook friends. Similar to the scavenger hunt, you can have them send her instructions of what to do next. Instead of making the clues obvious you can have them send riddles that she needs to solve. Once she solves them, another friend will send another clue.

Share, Share, Share, and Share Some More

Once she does say yes, then you must absolutely share it everywhere. This is what social media is all about. It’s about sharing news and there’s not much bigger than announcing that you’re engaged. ?

Speaking of social media, feel free to like us, tweet us, or Google +1 us and tell your friends as well. When you are ready to propose, make sure to contact us to get the best proposal advice. We are expert proposal planners and can help you come up with amazing proposal ideas and coordinate your proposal so that it is executed flawlessly. Having us help you will only help you lose stress and make your proposal go perfect!


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