A marriage proposal is a life-changing event, and the day that you choose will have incredible significance for the rest of your lives together. Your proposal will mark the beginning of a lifelong journey, and it will be a day that you look back on with great happiness.

It’s tempting to try to amplify the importance of the day by combining it with another exciting event, such as a trip or a holiday. Unfortunately, this plan can backfire, since the two events may be better appreciated alone, and might lose some of their impact when forced together. This is especially true for days with a lot of personal significance, such as birthdays.

If, however, you believe that a birthday proposal will be a positive experience for your sweetheart, and that any downsides to combining the two events will be outweighed by the awesomeness of your proposal, then here are a few ideas to get you started planning a birthday proposal:

Cake Delivery

It’s generally inadvisable to hide a ring in or near food; the internet is full of stories of rings that were swallowed, broken or lost when a well-intentioned suitor slipped them into a tasty slice of cake or a glass of champagne.  For a safer ring presentation, hire a professional cake baker to sculpt a faux engagement ring on the top of her cake.  Bring out the real one when you propose.

An Amazing Gift


Another birthday proposal option is to present the ring as a birthday gift. This is a very flexible option, allowing for anything from an understated presentation in a simple ring box with a small bow on top, up to a humorous proposal with a ring inside large or misleading packaging. Once again, make sure that you get her a normal birthday gift as well- although the proposal will definitely become the day’s main event, it’s important to show that you’ve remembered to celebrate her birthday as well.

An Early Birthday

If you want to create a proposal and birthday celebration that will be unexpected and appreciated, consider throwing an early birthday party. This is an especially good idea for a year in which it will be hard to celebrate her birthday on the day itself, due to work or other commitments. A surprise party with a surprise proposal will be a memorable event, and the extra planning and effort will really show her that you’re committed to making her happy for the rest of her life.

Want some expert guidance in creating a birthday proposal? Contact The Heart Bandits. We can help you create the perfect balance between the proposal and her birthday, so that she feels doubly appreciated and loved.


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