One of the most popular requests we get are for rooftop proposals. There is a lot of work and forethought that goes into having the perfect rooftop marriage proposal. The easiest way for you to pull it off is to hire The Heart Bandits-Proposal Planning. We will take care of every last detail for you so all you do is show up and propose. However, if you want to plan your rooftop proposal by yourself, follow our guide below for how to propose on a rooftop.

Set a Realistic Budget

Depending on what city you plan on proposing in, renting out a private rooftop can be very expensive. For example, in New York City if you want a view of the Empire State building, you are going to have to pay for it. This is another good reason to consider hiring a Wedding Proposal Planner. They should be able to use their connections to get you a better deal than you could get yourself.


As part of your budget, think about how you will decorate the rooftop. Is the view enough or do you want to add flowers, candles, or a theme? How will you propose? Will you eat dinner, look at pictures, just ask? You need to ask yourself all of these questions.


Rooftop Proposal Planned by The Heart Bandits


After you have set aside a budget for your proposal, now you are ready to find a rooftop to rent. Think about what you would like for your rooftop. Do you want an amazing view? Are you looking for a rooftop garden? Is it just privacy you are after?


Think Safety

Make sure when you pick your rooftop that you have done your research on the venue. You want to ensure it is safe and secure. Make sure it is in a good neighborhood and do your research!

Think About Lighting

If you plan on having a proposal photographer, then lighting is something you must consider. A lot of rooftops are high above the city lights and therefore darker. If pictures are important, you will need to bring in some lighting or request the venue to provide some.


Rooftop Proposal Planned by The Heart Bandits. Photo by Sean Kim Photography

Back Story

You are going to need a back story for how you will get your girlfriend to go up to the rooftop without suspecting anything. The surprise factor is important for a rooftop proposal.

Contact The Heart Bandits-Proposal Planners to find out how we can turn your proposal dreams in to reality.  If you want some rooftop proposals that are already pre-packaged, click here.


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