If you’re anything like me, then you love the Fall season. When I used to live in the East Coast I would love this time of year because the colors of Autumn are just gorgeous. We don’t really get those colors out in LA so you should definitely take advantage of them if you have them. If you’re going to pop the question this Fall (which by the way is proposal season), then here are some tips from the Proposal Planners at The Heart Bandits on how to propose during Autumn.

Incorporate Outdoor Fall Colors into Your Engagement

The best thing about the Fall is the colors so you must absolutely take advantage of this if you are proposing this season. Take your girlfriend on a nice bikeride or hike where you can see the colors real nice. Take with you a blanket and snacks to have a nice picnic at a good location. Once you find your spot, propose as you have the amazing colors as your backdrop.

Romantic Setup in Front of a Fireplace

As the weather starts to cool down, it’s the perfect time to setup a romantic scene in front of a fireplace. Make a dinner for your sweetie and have wine or champagne in front of the fireplace. The romantic scene will make for a memorable night, especially when you propose marriage.

Lake or River Marriage Proposal

Even better than a hike, being on a lake or river will surely give you a good view of the Fall colors. Rent out a boat and take your girl to a nice quiet spot on the water. Within the surroundings tell her how much you love her and propose to her. That lake or river will then forever be your spot.

Visit a Winery

The Fall time is the harvest season at wineries. This time of year is very nice to go take a wine tour because you get to see the process of how wine is made. Take a tour, find a romantic location on the winery, and propose as you celebrate with a nice bottle of wine.

Fall is a great time to propose your engagement, but you have to make sure to do it right. For this reason, you should hire the professional proposal planners at The Heart Bandits. We have been in the proposal planning business for years and are the best in the world at bringing your dream proposal to life. Contact us today to get started!


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