Planning a proposal at night can be challenging. Say no to limited visibility, and yes to a gorgeous, eye-catching display with our ideas for how to propose at night.


Some of the most beautiful proposals we’ve seen have made use of these inexpensive, yet fun props.  Proposal photography using time-lapse settings and sparklers produce some of the most memorable and stunning photos.  Use sparklers to draw hearts in the air – or to even write out your proposal.  Be aware that some cities and states have laws about sparklers so you will want to check in to that.

Marquee Lights

If you’re looking to spell out your love in bright, bold letters, there’s no better way than using marquee lights.  Impossible to miss – marquee lights are traditionally found on movie theaters, or used in theme parks.  Be sure to check the size before ordering because some are quite large – so you’ll need to have a good amount of space to incorporate them successfully.  Some also require electricity to operate – so if that is an issue, get the battery operated kind.


There’s nothing more awe-inspiring, and stunning, than lighting up the night sky with fireworks.  A traditional method of celebration, fireworks have been used for special occasions for hundreds of years.  If you want to make a grand gesture, consider using fireworks.  Just be sure to hire a professional to help you as real fireworks can be dangerous.  Don’t forget to get a permit either!  Firework displays are illegal in some cities.

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Christina Clawson

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