Proposal By Gregory Brown

So being professional Engagement Planners – The Heart Bandits get many, many emails and calls about proposing at Disneyland. My advice to my clients is that proposing at Disneyland can easily become cheesy so you really have to come up with something original.

Proposing in front of the castle has been done thousands of times. Don’t believe me? Go to Google Images and type in ”propose in front of castle Disneyland” and you will see countless images and they all look the same. Your girlfriend deserves an original proposal, one that no one else has. Follow these steps and you will have the perfect proposal.

Make It Personal

Your proposal needs to represent you as a couple. Proposing with a nice view is great, but if the place and the proposal have nothing to do with your relationship, it will leave your girlfriend confused. Show her you have been paying attention by incorporating personal details into your relationship.

Do Your Research

Disneyland is very strict. If you just plan on dropping to your knee and proposing somewhere (we don’t advise) then you are good. But if you want to do a dance routine, have props, or anything out of the norm, you need to make sure it is allowed. Hire us to coordinate all of the details of your proposal and leave the headache to us.

Don’t Do Anything Cheesy

I am known for my bluntness so I am just going to come right out and say it. There are exceptions to every rule but in general I would suggest avoiding having Mickey Mouse help you propose. Proposing in front of the castle is a bit overdone as well. Be unique.

Hire The Heart Bandits to plan your perfect Disneyland proposal. We will help you come up with an original idea and then we will execute it for you. You are already stressed out with picking out the ring. Let us handle the rest.   See examples of our work here.


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  • Colour

    this is one of the most unusual place to propose… but it is always the thought that counts

    • Marvin

      Well it really depends on the couple. We have met lots of couples that have some relevance to Disneyland so it makes sense to them. Some had their first dates there or first said they loved each other there so it would make sense for them to have it there.

  • Arnold

    How much did this proposal cost for you guys to execute?

    • Marvin

      Hi Arnold. Proposals such as the one in the picture mainly just take a lot of coordination rather than cost. Disneyland is pretty strict on what they allow in their park so if you want to do something like this you have to do it outside their park. If you’re interested in Disney themed ideas, email us at and we can help you.

  • Becky

    Arnold, Heart Bandits didn’t plan this proposal, Gregory Brown did.