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When people hear you’re planning to propose, they’ll be brimming over with advice and helpful tips. A lot of the tried-and-true advice you receive, however, might not be quite as true as people think. We’ve tackled three common marriage proposal myths here:

Don’t Rely On The Internet

This is nonsense, but only because it’s a good idea taken too far. Some people, given the opportunity to do research on the internet, have just taken someone else’s proposal plan and copied it, detail for detail. This obviously results in a generic, boring, or badly tailored proposal that won’t be a good match for you and your sweetheart.  Feel free, however, to peruse the internet for proposal inspiration. Take elements, themes, and ideas from others’ proposals, as well as from articles and how-to guides, but make sure you combine them into something that is personal and meaningful to the two of you.

Get Her Best Friend To Help

Now, this could be a great idea. However, for this to work, she needs to have a best friend who can keep a secret, who actually knows what your lady’s dream proposal looks like, and who has the self-control and wherewithal to plan your sweetheart’s ideal proposal, not her own dream proposal. Additionally, the two of you have to work well together.  If, by some miracle, that dream friend is a part of your lives, then by all means call on her to help. If you have any doubts, it’s best to bring in a Proposal Planner to be your extra hand on deck.

Proposals Must Be Big!! Proposals Must Be Private!!

A lot of people, when they hear that you’re planning a big, fancy proposal, want to tell you that this is a mistake. A lot of people say things like, “My husband proposed to me on the couch and we have been happily married 40 years!” That’s true, of course, and they are an inspiration to us all- but what works for one person does not work for another.

The way you propose is integral to your proposal, not to your marriage. Your marriage will be a strong and loving union all on its own, no matter what sort of proposal you have, so the proposal should be exactly what you want it to be. If a quiet conversation on the couch is what works best for you, then by all means, that is the kind of proposal you should have. However, for a fun loving, social and active couple, a great big proposal party may start their marriage with a splash, just the way they like it. Thank others for their advice, and do what you feel is best.

All of the conflicting advice out there is enough to make your head spin, and planning a proposal is hard enough on its own. For a helping hand, contact The Heart Bandits. They have years of experience in the proposal-planning field, and they can give you tested and true guidance on creating the ideal proposal.  Read their 5 star reviews here and contact them today!


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