By Petronella Photography

By Petronella Photography

There are so many different ways to propose!  Our website includes hundreds of ideas, and a google search of creative proposal ideas can give you thousands more.  How can you make your proposal stand out, in the sea of so many ideas?


This may seem obvious, and it also may sound difficult, but this is where you need to think hard about things that are meaningful to the two of you.  Nobody has your history, with your exact lives together.  Where are your favorite places? What are your favorite songs? What does your partner love?  There are no rules to a wedding proposal, so this is the time to stop browsing the internet for inspiration, turn inward, and think outside of the box.


Take inspiration from the songs, stories, private jokes, art, or movies that you share.  Try to incorporate things that are meaningful to you both.  You could hire a singer to perform her favorite love song, while you propose to her in the exact spot you met.  If she loves it, and it is meaningful to you both, try to include it. She will be touched that you remember all of the little details that make your relationship special.


No matter what you do, if you put your whole heart into the proposal, she will love it.  She will love that you went to the effort of trying to create something special and romantic for her.  Let go of your worries, and let your heart do the talking, and you will have a proposal that she will talk about for the next fifty years.


If you are planning to propose and need help figuring out how to make your proposal stand out, contact The Heart Bandits today.  We will work with you to come up with a creative proposal idea and proposal planning unique to you and your partner. If you are searching for an alternative to the traditional bulky engagement ring box, go to and find the ultimate thin box solution!


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  • Josh Gann

    Another good tip is to talk to a few of her closest friends (if they can keep a secret!). There’s a good chance that at some point they discussed how they would or more importantly wouldn’t want to be proposed to. They can also help you narrow down a few good ideas.