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How to Include Children in a Marriage Proposal



Here is a sneak peak for an amazing marriage proposal that we did this last weekend in Santa Monica Pier. The proposal went perfectly because we had a large crowd gathered that made it more compelling. It was also very memorable and heartfelt because the couple, Marshall and Melody, had two children that were incorporated into the proposal in a surprise and sweet way. The picture above is an excellent example of how to incorporate children into a proposal that will make it very sweet. Thanks to Sina Ngov of Vaylia Photography for the great picture. More pictures and the rest of the proposal story to come soon! Other proposal stories can be seen here.

Using children in a proposal can be difficult to pull off. We can help you do it in a way that will not be cheesy and will definitely be a surprise. To make your proposal go perfect, hire a proposal planner to help you ensure it will go as planned. We are wedding proposal experts that will help you with proposal ideas, planning, and execution. Contact us today to receive all the proposal help you would ever need.


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Marvin has always had a love for all things technical, exciting, and fun. With advanced degrees in Engineering from MIT and Penn State University, he has a knack for incorporating ways to make proposals unique, pretty awesome, and always personalized to the couple. He has an analytical mind that thinks through every proposal to ensure that no detail is forgotten and the proposal goes off without a hitch. He loves being a part of one of the biggest days in people’s lives. Marvin loves Crossfit, goofing around with his guitar, watching sports, and spending time with Michele.

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