The majority of our readers are here for one thing, to plan the perfect proposal.  The Heart Bandits Proposal Planners are here to help.  We have planned hundreds and hundreds of proposals and we know what it takes to get your girl to not just say yes, but to say HECK YES!  Below is a picture of a romantic event that we planned which took place in a theater that we rented.  Look at the arrows and the corresponding tip below to make sure you have a  successful proposal.


Tip #1: Tell Her How You Feel

In your proposal make sure that you tell your girlfriend how you feel and why you don’t want to live one day without her.  You can speak how you feel or you can write it on signs, notes, or even paint it on wood.

Tip #2: Incorporate Pictures or Video

Adding photo or video to your proposal is a great way to remind your girlfriend of all of the wonderful memories that you have shared together.  It will conjure up happy emotions thinking about your past and get her ready to answer your question about the future.

Tip #3:  Add A Lot of Personalization

In the photo above our client brought in a lot of items that didn’t mean anything to anyone else, but they sure meant a lot to his girlfriend.  Make sure when you are planning your proposal that you incorporate things that are very meaningful to your relationship.

Tip #4: Make Her the Center of Attention

No matter how you decide to propose to your girlfriend, make sure that the whole proposal is all about her.  Don’t do something because YOU think it would be cool. Don’t propose to her with a rock band because YOU love rock bands.  Make sure that every decision you make had her in the center of your mind.

If you really want to go to the extra mile, hire a professional proposal planner to help create your proposal!  The Heart Bandits will help you come up with a unique proposal idea and then bring it to life.  Contact us today for proposal planning or proposal photography.


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