I get asked this question all of the time.  So many women ask, how can I get him to propose?  Well the truth is, he is only going to propose to you when he is ready.  And you really wouldn’t want him to propose until then. But here are some tips to get you moving in the right direction.

Be a good girlfriend!

I think the most effective way to get a man to want to propose to you is to actually be a good girlfriend.  Treat him well and surprise him every now and then by planning him a date or surprising him with basketball tickets for him and his friends.  Make sure to keep things new and exciting.

Pay attention to the small things

Find out who he really is.  Where is he ticklish, what is his favorite beer, who are his favorites NFL players?  Then let him know that you know it.

Show your domesticated side

Cook him a nice meal and iron his shirts every now and then.  Don’t go overboard, just let him see what is in store if he marries you!

Drop subtle hints

Talk about happy marriages, rings you might like if you ever get engaged, or places you would like to get married.  When you go on your next vacation, casually mention how nice it would be to honeymoon there.  Get him in to the marriage mindset!

He will come around on his own time if he feels you are the one.  Make a decision how long you are willing to wait and then be patient and enjoy what you have.

For other ways on how to propose, check out this page that gives great advice.


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