How to be romantic - Walk down memory lane

Being in this Romance and Proposal Planning business for some time now, I’ve discovered one very surprising thing regarding on How to be Romantic. That surprising factor is that to be romantic, you just have to do something really simple. Sure sometimes the extravagant romantic adventures are nice, but to romance your partner, you can do a simple thing that is relevant to your relationship and it will have lasting effects. For today’s How To Be Romantic blog, I will discuss one such way of doing this and that is taking a walk down memory lane with your partner. Here are the two biggest reasons why it’s so great.


Like I just mentioned, the action of romance is very simple. What can be easier than taking a walk with your love? You’re not over-exerting yourself, you don’t have to plan a flash mob to surprise her, you don’t even need to have a plan. All you need to do is walk with your partner.

Relationship Based

When you take this walk, make sure to walk her down somewhere that is relevant to your relationship. It could be the park where you first met, around the beach where you first kissed, or even around the block where you live if you’ve had lots of memories there. The point is that when you’re walking it will stir back memories of amazing times that you two have had together. It’s a perfect time to reminisce and tell her how much you love her.

Romance doesn’t have to be hard. We know that some people just have trouble with it though but the good thing is that we are romance experts and are here to help you bring that spark into your relationship with romance advice and romantic dates and planning. If you would like more romantic date ideas or proposal ideas, then contact us today to get started.


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