We were recently introduced to an article from Everyday Health that spoke about the health benefits of marriage. I’m sharing the infogram from their article below so you can see that studies have shown that being married has nice health benefits. You can read the full article here.


This article got me thinking that I’ve personally seen a lot of benefits from people that have had great marriage proposals as well. Though I haven’t done a full scientific study, I thought that I would list some of the benefits that I have personally seen people have when they have an amazing proposal.

Raw Happy Emotion

When a couple gets engaged, the actual moment creates nothing but raw genuine emotion. It is pure happiness at its finest. This happiness can transcend itself into tears, laughter, or screaming but they’re always all good. I can see nothing but good that can come from creating such a positive emotion in someone.

Great Proposal Story to Share

Couples that have an amazing proposal are even happier after because they love sharing their unique engagement story. Nobody likes to say that they were proposed to the same way as a bunch of other people, so the couples that have a more unique story are prouder that they invested in it. They love sharing it now and are happy that they will be able to share it for years to come.

Happiness Shared By Friends and Family

Marriage proposals don’t just mean happiness for the couples involved. Family and friends also share in the joy. They’re happy that you two have found each other and are taking the next step. They want to celebrate with you. It’s almost funny that when you decide to make yourself happy by taking the next step with your partner, that you make other people happy as well.

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