In case our post last Thursday didn’t convince you that hiding your engagement ring was a bad idea, here are some unfortunate true stories of couples that lost their precious ring because the boyfriend hid it.

The Milkshake

The fact that this man took his girlfriend to Wendys to propose is probably your first sign that this isn’t going to end well. But he also thought it would be clever to hide the ring inside her milkshake. Instead of her coming across it in sugar-filled delight as he expected, she finished off the milkshake without a sign of the ring. Suspecting that she had swallowed it, he took her to the hospital and discovered that his guess had been correct. It wasn’t until two days later that they got the ring back and he put it on her finger, where it belonged!

Lost in the Sands

Somehow one guy thought it would be a good idea to bury the ring in the sand on a beach in Florida. Unsurprisingly, when it came time to pop the question, he discovered that he had forgotten exactly where he buried it. It took a team of people, including a professional ring finder, to uncover the ring. His girlfriend might have had to think twice about his decision-making skills after that one.

Sand Dollar Down!

A man proposed to his girlfriend on a beautiful Cape Cod rock jetty, but decided to attach the ring to a sand dollar. The sand dollar then got misplaced, dropped, and fell down between the rocks. Despite the efforts of the couple, bystanders, and lifeguards, the ring was gone forever.

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Maggie Tietz

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