As you know, The Heart Bandits love helping people get engaged.  Marvin and Michele, the Co-Founders of The Heart Bandits are die hard romantics who love to help create dream proposals.  Today The Heart Bandits were fortunate enough to be featured in the Guyspeak Blog at is a unique website where women can enter their questions to get a mans honest answer on any subject.   Mystery Man sat down with Co-Founder Michele Williamson for an interview regarding marriage proposal planning by The Heart Bandits.  Some of the things we discussed are:

  • What on Earth does a wedding proposal planner do?
  • Other sites offer tips and guides on proposing. You blog about proposing yourself. We do! What do you offer that makes it better than the DIY approach?
  • Are we guys really that bad in the romantic gesture department?
  • Do women ever use your services?
  • What sort of skills do you need to be a proposal planner?
  • The question every guy is going to want to know. What’s it cost?
  • What is the weirdest proposal you ever had to plan?
  • The most exotic/costly?
  • Who is the most famous customer you have ever had?
  • Would you personally be pleased if your SO used a proposal planning service?

If you are curious about the answers, contact The Heart Bandits today to start working on your own customized marriage proposal!



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