So you and your girlfriend have talked about the future and undoubtedly, the topic of getting married has come up. You know that you want to spend your life with her and she wants it too. She’s even given you suggestions for engagement rings that she would like so it’s pretty much a formality that you will propose marriage. Now the only question is how you will propose. Most guys still want to make it a surprise. So as The Heart Bandits-Proposal Experts, we are here to give you a quick guide on how you can create a surprise marriage proposal to make her the happiest girl in the world.



We know that you want to surprise her, and surprises are good, but sometimes guys get so caught up in creating a surprise that they may go overboard. Under no circumstances do you want to have a proposal like fake helicopter crashes that you see on the news. You don’t want to put your girlfriend in a situation where she’s scared for her safety or yours. Surprises are good, but remember, even if your proposal idea leads her to somewhat suspect you will be proposing, a little anticipation is actually good for the proposal.

Create a back-story

To have a great surprise wedding proposal, then you’re going to have to create a back-story to why it is you’re going where you’re going or doing what you’re doing on your proposal day. It is important to make it believable. Ask yourself, if I weren’t proposing, would this occurrence really happen in our relationship? If you want to take her out of town, then the back-story needs to be in-line with what you’ve done in the past or with something that is going on now to pull off the surprise.

Get help from friends or family

If you can get help from friends or family then it will be much more likely that she will be surprised. The reason is that even if she suspects you might be up to something, if someone else is backing up your story, then she will be much more unsuspecting. It’s even better if you can have someone else take your girlfriend to the proposal location and you be there waiting to propose.

Try to Relax

When involved in a surprise marriage proposal, you may find yourself to be a nervous wreck. You may be worried about a lot of circumstances out of your control and it may throw off how you act around your girl. The biggest thing to remember in this situation is you must try to relax. You are there to propose marriage, not to win the Olympics. Even if something not-to-plan happens, it will actually be a funny part of your engagement and will make your proposal story more endearing. So relax, enjoy your moment, and most importantly, be happy that you arrived at this day in your relationship and will take the next step.

Creating surprise wedding proposals can be difficult, but The Heart Bandits are here to help you. If you would like to have the perfect marriage proposal, then contact The Heart Bandits TODAY. We will help you create unique and personalized wedding proposal ideas that will make your girlfriend want to tell the world your engagement story. The proposal planning and execution of a proposal can be tough, that’s why it’s very important to get the help you need to make your proposal day everything she ever dreamed of.


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