Today in New Zealand marks the first day that same-sex couples could legally marry. Though some groups in that country still oppose it, it is now legal due to a amendment passed by their parliament. The Heart Bandits want to say congratulations to those that have already married and are looking to marry.

Gay marriage is now legal in New Zealand. Photo by BBC UK.

Gay marriage is now legal in New Zealand. Photo by BBC UK.

Similar to the previous discount we offered back in June when the Supreme Court struck down Proposition 8, we would like to extend the same discount to gay couples again in honor of the legalization in New Zealand. To get the 15% discount on your marriage proposal planning package within the next 30 days, simply contact us and mention this discount. What better way to celebrate something like this than to create your own amazing marriage proposal?

If you would like to create your own perfect marriage proposal, then contact the proposal experts at The Heart Bandits. We are the world’s premier proposal planning company and can help you create a proposal idea that is perfect for your relationship and plan it so that you don’t have to stress out. You will have an amazing engagement that you will want to share with all your friends and family.


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