If you’ve been following marriage proposal trends at all then you would know that something very popular is flash mob proposals. We’ve helped many clients with these in the past and they are awesome to be a part of. These proposals are perfect for the person that likes public displays and isn’t shy about getting lots of attention. To streamline this awesome proposal idea for everyone, we are very pleased to announce that we have just launched a Flash Mob All-Inclusive Marriage Proposal Package. How cool is that?!

Flash Mob Proposal

Flash Mob Proposal Package is now being offered by The Heart Bandits

Flash Mobbers Included

With this package we do the work for you and get the dancers to perform a routine. We get at least 8 dancers for you and you have the option of getting more. You can get really ambitious and even go up to 50-100 dancers. How impressive would that be?

Locations Recommended

We’re kicking off our Flash Mob Package in our hometown city of Los Angeles but very soon we will expand it out to all of the cities in our All Inclusive Packages. Within each city, we give you a recommendation of the best place to do it at. These places will be locations where you can see yourself having a “normal” date but all of a sudden the flash mob breaks out.

Choose Your Own Song

If you and your girlfriend have a special song that would be perfect for the flash mob dance, then let us know. That song can be used for your routine. If you don’t have a song, then we can recommend one for you.

Be Part of the Routine

How awesome would it be when the flash mob starts and you all of a sudden join in to your girlfriend’s amazement? That’s exactly what you can do with this package. You can also have your friends and family learn the routine and surprise your partner by appearing.

Sound System Included

If the proposal is outdoors, then the sound system is included. If it’s indoors, then the sound file is provided to the venue. Literally, this package is all taken care of so you will have an amazing proposal story to tell all your friends and family about.

Click on our Los Angeles Flash Mob Proposal Package to learn more details and to book it. We are the world’s best proposal planners and we have all the ideas and planning available to make your proposal perfect. Contact us today to get started on making your dream engagement come true!


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