4th of July was great!  Marvin and I worked on some fun proposals and also ate way too much.  This year we got multiple requests for incorporating fireworks to create an amazing marriage proposal.  Of course fireworks would make an amazing grand finale to a proposal, but they just aren’t a quick and easy addition.  We decided we should put together some information for anyone who may be considering using fireworks as a proposal idea.


The very first thing you need to find out is if fireworks are legal in your neighborhood, city, county, or state.  This is where hiring a Proposal Expert is invaluable.   A Proposal Planner with a lot of experience will already know what cities are firework friendly and can save you a lot of time and headache.

Hire a Professional

You obviously don’t want Uncle Pete just lighting off fireworks when you propose.  You are going to want to hire a professional that knows exactly what they are doing.  You will want someone who is going to take safety in consideration and will protect you from a lawsuit.  Hiring a professional leads us to the next concern.


There are so many permits and different types of insurance needed to have a firework show and all of that means money.  A lot of professionals charge “minimums” as well which can set you back a few thousand dollars.

While fireworks can certainly create a fairytale proposal, you should only consider adding them if you have a lot of time to plan and a lot of cash.  If you need help with this daunting task, hire The Heart Bandits to create your own fireworks. We are experts at creating proposals and finding the perfect location for you to propose. We can tell you where to propose or help you with the proposal planning of your engagement. Don’t forget to purchase your low-profile engagement ring box from www.ringstash.com or risk your fireworks proposal from getting discovered too soon! Contact us today to get started on making your dream proposal come true.


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