Destination marriage proposals are becoming increasingly popular.  One of the most scenic tropical regions in the world, the Caribbean is the perfect place to propose to your partner.  Picture the sun, sand, and waves on pristine beaches, and lush tropical jungles as the backdrop for your proposal in paradise. Here are a few things to keep in mind when planning your Caribbean proposal.

Let the Professionals Handle It

Take it from us, planning a proposal in the Caribbean can be extremely overwhelming.  With the language barriers, time differences, and unfamiliarity with the area, it could become a major stressor for you.  Focus on having fun with your partner, and relax by letting the proposal experts at The Heart Bandits craft your perfect Caribbean proposal.  There’s no need to stress when you have world-class professionals handling every detail.  Contact the marriage proposal experts at The Heart Bandits to discuss your dream Caribbean proposal today.

It’s Okay to Ask for Directions

If you decide to proposal on the fly in the Caribbean, asking for help from locals and area experts is a good idea.  People who live on the island that you’re proposing on have likely heard every question imaginable from tourists – most people will gladly offer their advice and assistance if you ask politely and explain the purpose of your trip.  You can only do so much online research – locals know where the best food and sightseeing spots are.  You may learn something that will completely save your proposal!

Consider a Caribbean Theme

You’re in one of the most beautiful places on earth – play up the magic by incorporating a Caribbean theme with your proposal.  If hiring musicians, consider traditional island instrumentalists.  Use natural elements like seashells as decorations.  Use tropical blooms instead of roses to create a romantic setting.  If hiring entertainment, consider an exotic fire dancer.  Think outside the box of boring clichés and strive for originality and local flavor.


Any Caribbean proposal would be incomplete without the perfect ring box for your engagement ring. Tropical weather means wearing lightweight clothes –hiding a traditional ring box is next to impossible! has you covered!  Their flat engagement ring box is less than a third the size of traditional boxes, which makes it the perfect choice for a destination proposal.

Christina Clawson

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