Working in the Proposal Planning business, I can’t help but keep an eye out for trends in my field.  For instance, Flash Mobs and Movie Theater proposals were a huge trend last year and are really sticking around.  But what about engagement rings?  Is it still the typical princess cut ring that makes the girls burst with excitement?  Well, for some yes.  But for the girls that only the newest trends will do, listen up fellas!  Here are 5 big engagement ring trends for 2013.

Colored Stones

Maybe this is great news for guys huh? More stones and less diamonds equals less money shelled out for an engagement ring right?  Not so fast!  The gorgeous stones are normally surrounded by equally gorgeous diamonds like this beautiful Sapphire Diamond Engagement Ring.

Image: Maytal Hannah

Image: Maytal Hannah

Double Halo

That’s right guys, one halo just isn’t going to cut it anymore.  For your angel, only two halo’s will do now.

Image: Michael M.

Image: Michael M.

Bezel Set

A Bezel Set engagement ring is perfect for the modern girl going for the sleek and delicate look.

Mixed Metals

This is actually my favorite engagement ring trend.  Mixed metal rings can showcase the class of platinum and the beauty of rose gold.  Any metals can be mixed to create a one of a kind beauty.

Image: Kirk Kara

Image: Kirk Kara

Champagne Diamonds

A lot of you probably haven’t even heard of this option.  I advise you to be certain that your girlfriend is this risqué in the trend department before purchasing this type of engagement ring.  I personally prefer to drink my champagne but to each their own.

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