Halloween is a VERY fun time for couples because of all that is going on. Who doesn’t enjoy dressing up in an outfit and having fun? Being in this proposal planning industry for several years now we’ve noticed that there are lots of people that love to propose marriage during Halloween. At first this seemed odd to me, but it made sense afterwards because some couples just love the excitement and fun that comes from this time of year. For those people that are into it, today we are going to offer Engagement Ideas for the Halloween Lover.

Cornfield Maze

Michele and I went to Sacramento this past weekend and we actually passed several of these mazes on our trip. It occurred to me that these would be really good places to propose. The reason being with all the twists and turns you can add pieces of your relationship to make solving the maze more fun. It would be like a scavenger hunt but all in one place.

Haunted Mansion

This one is for the person that loves scary movies. The way that you can make it work perfectly is to integrate scary elements but then turn it around and make it into a romantic atmosphere. In other words, you take your girlfriend to a scary mansion, have fun during the scary points, and then have a final reveal that is in romantic room or a romantic setting outside. Just please do not try to frighten her after you propose by putting something inside the ring box.

Pumpkin Field

This is more for the wholesome person that loves good natured Halloween elements. This proposal idea is similar to the one that Michele described in her How to Propose on Halloween tips but instead of finding something at the pumpkin field, you make the entire pumpkin field the proposal. You can arrange all the pumpkins together to spell out your proposal and light them all up with bright lanterns. Take your girlfriend up to a high location where you will propose. Make sure that you include other elements around it to add to the anticipation.

Costume Flash Mob

Everybody that was a kid in the 1980’s saw Michael Jackson’s Thriller video and thought that was the coolest thing ever. What that video had was lots of people dressed up as zombies and monsters doing choreographed dance numbers. That type of setup would be perfect for a Halloween proposal if you setup a flash mob to surprise your girlfriend. If she loved the Thriller video, it will be even better.

If you’re thinking about proposing during Halloween, you cannot go wrong with choosing The Heart Bandits Proposal Ideas. We are experts in the field in marriage proposals and can help you with creating a proposal that is perfect for your relationship. Contact us today to get started.


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