Easter can be a great day to propose to your girlfriend.  Your family will likely be in town so you will have them all there for an engagement celebration and it is Spring time which means nice weather.  However, your proposal could be a total flop if you don’t steer clear from some seriously cheesy proposal ideas.  Here are the top proposal ideas that we at The Heart Bandits-Proposal Planning recommends you avoid.

Dressing Up As The Easter Bunny


Please, please, please do not dress up as the Easter Bunny and propose.  I don’t really feel like I need a reason to discourage this but let’s just say as a woman, I wouldn’t be excited to tell that proposal story.

Hide The Ring In An Easter Egg

I don’t recommend that you hide an engagement ring anywhere because you could always lose it.  Aside from the common sense part of it, it is just tacky.

Hide The Ring In An Easter Basket

See above.

Write “Marry Me” On An Easter Egg

We all remember how magical it was as a kid to write something in crayon on an Easter egg and then dip it in dye and watch it transform.  However, you are not kids anymore and that won’t be a magical proposal story.  Please don’t do it!

The best way to propose on Easter is the same way you should propose any day.  You should make it personalized!  If you want to make sure you have a great proposal idea, hire The Heart Bandits.  We will help you create the perfect proposal idea and then bring it to life.  Contact us today.


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  • Jackie Nagel

    So true! My answer to all of the proposals above would be a “no”. If the proposal is such, can you imagine what the anniversary and christmas gifts will be? A mop or a broom and dust pan!

    • Marvin

      Haha Very True.