Romantics at heart get a bad reputation for letting their imaginations get the best of them when it comes to dreaming up their perfect scenario for a marriage proposal or wedding, but is it really that bad to start planning your proposal before it happens? Does having a detailed idea of how you want your marriage proposal to be ruin the actual moment if something is off? A recent survey conducted by Beaverbrooks Jewelers asked women about their ideal marriage proposal and here are a few of the responses they received:

More than half of the women surveyed would like to be proposed to on a weekend while on vacation.

Most women would like to have their partner recite a romantic poem to them before the proposal.

More than half of the women wish to be musically serenaded once their partner proposes.

All of the women expect to be brought to tears with happiness and surprise.

It isn’t out of the norm for anyone to spend a large amount of time dreaming up their version of the perfect marriage proposal but it is always important to remember that each proposal is unique to every couple and not everything goes the way you had planned. If your partner makes the time and effort to find you a ring, plan the proposal and ask you to marry them, be grateful and more than appreciative that they went to those lengths to show you how much they love you.

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Beth Beeson

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