Ways to clean your engagement ring

Diamonds are forever but only when well-kept. Otherwise, it’s just another stone. Your fiancé put a lot of thought, effort and hard-earned money into that symbol of love. Knowing what and what not to do when cleaning will allow you to love in return.

Do: Use a simple cleaning solution of warm water and soap.

Good thing for us this treasure made of precious metal and stone doesn’t need frequent high-end maintenance. It’s easily done in the comfort of home and can be done often to preserve its luster, which is required if you have an active lifestyle. Use a new, very soft toothbrush to brush it gently.  Avoid doing it in public areas, even simply taking it off. You could easily forget it or misplace it then lose it. Even if it’s covered by insurance, we know the ring is worth than what you paid for because it symbolizes love and hope for a shared future.

Don’t: Use harsh chemicals and commercial metal cleaners.

It might be tempting just to make sure it’s clean, particularly if you wear it everyday and go everywhere with it, but avoid these items. They’re harmful and they hasten the wear-and-tear of the ring, causing it to lose its shine. A few drops of soap mixed in water are enough to sanitize it while preserving the ring’s beauty.

Do: Dry your ring with soft, cotton, lint-free cloth.

Just like when brushing it with the toothbrush, rub it with care, especially the shank. The shank is the bottom portion where the finger sits and is usually the first area to break. Also be gentle around the setting or where the diamond sits to avoid accidentally removing it from its place. When cleaning, be sure to cover the drain.

Don’t: Use paper towels.

Paper towels can be abrasive and scratch the metal. The older your ring is, the gentler you should be with it. Take note if you’re using an antique or heirloom. After wiping your ring, don’t worry if it’s still not completely dry. Simply leave it for 15 to 30 minutes to get rid of any moisture left.

Do: Have it professionally cleaned once a year.

It should be deep-cleaned annually to keep it looking new like how regular maintenance keeps a car in satisfactory working condition longer. There are home ultrasonic machines sold in the market but if a ring’s metal has been weakened, likely the shank, or was crafted poorly, the vibrations of the machine could cause the stone to loosen. Bring to it to the professionals to have it properly assessed and treated. It’s usually a free service included in the lifetime guarantee. Even affordable diamond rings deserve the right care.

Don’t: Put it through unnecessary damage.

A diamond is the toughest stone in the world and only a diamond can scratch another. However, this precious jewel would quickly lose its clarity when exposed to damaging chemicals and other similar items. Its sparkle is what gives the stone its value. Also, the shine of the ring’s band and its setting adds to the beauty of the ring. Avoid scratching the metal on surfaces to maintain the engagement jewelry its appeal. Bottomline, take good care of your engagement ring.


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