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Don’t be late to your own proposal!  We have seen it happen before guys, and it’s not classy.  If you are one of those who tends to lag a little, it’s best to be up-front and admit it; the last thing you want is to deny it all the way up to the moment of truth, and lose out on an amazing opportunity because you are just a little behind. Here are a few tips for those who might end up a little late for their own proposal:

Build in a Cushion

If you are planning to propose at a particular time and place, make sure that you have arranged everything so that you will arrive a few minutes early. If all goes according to plan, you will have a few extra moments to prepare, and if you’re behind schedule, you will still have a good chance at being on time for the proposal itself.

Reserve Extra Time

If you are planning a proposal that involves a venue, entertainers, food, or even just friends and family, make sure that everyone is prepared to hang around for a little longer than you think will be necessary. It may cost a little more to reserve everything for a longer period of time, but it will take the pressure off if you get a late start, and allow things to unfold at a natural pace.

Create a Flexible Plan

If you’re really worried about time constraints, then it may be best to plan a proposal that doesn’t have any hard-and-fast timing at all. A simple proposal with no reservations or special considerations is very flexible, and will allow you to propose when the moment is right instead of stretching yourself to line events up exactly on schedule.

Stay Accountable

If being on time is a serious worry for you, then enlist help. If you can get a close friend to stay with you and keep you on track during the time leading up to your proposal, it may keep you on your toes and on time.

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