Diversity is something to be proud of, and it is one of the great things about our beautiful nation.  With such division in the country right now and negativity in the air worldwide, we wanted to highlight a few of our favorite romantic marriage proposals that highlight the love and diversity all around us.

Phil & Jeremy

In one of the sweetest and intimate proposals we’ve had the pleasure to plan, Phil proposed to Jeremy in their still-being-built home over a romantic tapas-style dinner.  Just the two of them, in the home they would soon build their life together in… it was the perfect setting to highlight this beautiful couple’s love.  Read about their proposal here.

Bryan & Marcella

A marriage proposal can be a great opportunity to highlight the respect you have for your significant other’s culture.  While some people stick to culturally traditional proposals, Bryan came to us because he wanted it to be modern yet highlight Marcella’s Columbian background.  A latino trio band and proposal written in Spanish did just that.  Read about their proposal here.

Brad & Saadiya

Another exciting multicultural proposal, Brad and The Heart Bandits arranged a Bhangra Dance Flash Mob on the beach for Saadiya following a super fun speedboat scavenger hunt.  This was an awesome proposal idea, if I do say so myself.  Read all about it here.

Grace & Hsiao-Chi

Grace hired us to create a beautiful winter wonderland to bring them back to when they first met.  This lovely couple had a great love story that was captured in even the little details of this proposal.  Read about it here.

Diversity in love and relationships is all around us and is something to be celebrated!  Whether you need assistance creating a truly traditional proposal, mixing culture with a modern proposal, or just want to tell the love story of your unique relationship, The Heart Bandits has the expertise and experience to help make the perfect moment for you and your partner.

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