Art proposal ideas

If you’re a free spirit with an artistic soul, why not incorporate art into your marriage proposal? Whether you want to create art together, visit an art museum, or surprise her with a special painting, art can make your engagement truly special. Check out some of our favorite art proposal ideas!

Paint a Sign

As an artist, you may want to create a painting or piece of art that you can include in your marriage proposal. If you’re planning a public proposal in a park, garden, patio, or rooftop, take your time walking together and enjoying the moment.

The Heart Bandits will help decorate your end location with rose petals, candles, and beautiful photos of the two of you. When you reach the romantic set-up, you’ll find your piece of art waiting for you. Whether it says “Will you marry me?” or shows the two of you embracing in a kiss, your artwork can be the perfect introduction as you get down on one knee!

Take an Art Class

Interested in planning a more hands-on proposal? Try taking an art class together! In most cities, local artists offer classes for beginners and experts alike. Whether you want to learn how to make pottery, a sculpture, or an abstract painting, the two of you will relax and enjoy each other’s company as you create art that will last forever–just like your love.

Many artists will allow you to bring snacks and wine along with you, so you have the freedom to create a truly intimate proposal. And when she says “yes!” it will be even more beautiful than the art you just created!

Art inspired proposal

Go to a Private Art Studio

With our art lovers proposal package, you can plan a romantic date at an art studio where you’ll express the depth of your love with an easel and canvas. Enjoy the privacy of an art studio that’s completely private and full of candles, rose petals, and romantic music. As your art instructor guides you with simple painting instructions, you won’t be able to see each other’s canvases until the end.

At the end of the lesson, you can surprise her by turning around your canvas and revealing a painting that says “Will you marry me?” To keep the magic of your proposal alive, you can even frame your artwork to hang  in your home.

Visit an Art Museum

Just like the adorable marriage proposal that went viral after a guy painted a picture of their engagement and hung it in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, you can re-create a similar type of proposal–especially if you want to surprise her. Work with one of her closest friends or family members and find a way to pick out the outfit she’ll wear the day of your proposal so your painting can be a true representation of the day.

After you work your magic and create the artwork, think about the perfect place to hang it. You could consider visiting an art museum together and then walking her outside where she sees the painting propped against a sculpture or wrapped in tissue paper. No matter how you decide to pop the question, showing her the painting before she sees you down on one knee will add some excitement and cleverness to your proposal!

Ready to plan your art-inspired proposal? The Heart Bandits loves planning marriage proposals that are centered around artistic expression! Contact us today.

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Emily Barge

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