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Costa Rica Proposal Ideas


Just this month we were hired to plan a proposal in Costa Rica.  While getting to know Costa Rica, we learned there are some really great ways to propose there and we wanted to share them with you.  Here are our top 4 proposal ideas in Costa Rica, just add your own personalization to each.

Have A Beach Proposal

The beach proposal is the obvious choice in Costa Rica and you can see why below!  Creating a beach proposal is difficult when you are visiting a foreign country so hire The Heart Bandits to set it all up for you.  Blake had us set up tiki torches on the beach along with champagne and a picnic.

Costa Rica Proposal

Proposal in Costa Rica by The Heart Bandits

Have An Extreme Proposal

Costa Rica is home to extreme activities and if that is something your girlfriend is in to, it might make for a great proposal.  Try zip-lining, white water rafting, or repelling down a huge waterfall while popping the question.

Have A Nature Proposal


Propose in nature!

For the nature love, Costa Rica is the perfect proposal location.  Propose while snorkeling, bird watching, or in the wilderness on a hike!  Just make sure to safeguard your ring while doing anything like this.

Have A Rejuvenating Proposal

One of the biggest reasons people go to Costa Rica is to rest and relax.  There are many ideas for a rejuvenating proposal such as after a couples massage or after a dip in the hot springs, during a horse back ride on the beach, or at a fine dining establishment.

However you decide you want to propose, just make sure it is personal!  Every women deserves her own unique proposal story so make sure you really come up with a great idea and plan it all carefully.  Hire The Heart Bandits- Proposal Planning if you really want to impress.


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  1. Jennie /

    These are great ideas and they would in other places than Costa Rica too. Don’t you love when a guy wants to make a special event of the proposal 🙂 Lucky girl!

  2. Lynn /

    Being a beach lover, I love this idea. Costa Rica is a truly beautiful country. A proposal made on a beautiful beach in Costa Rica is sure to get an affirmative answer.

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