This Chicago marriage proposal is just the sweetest.  Jerek contacted us to plan his proposal to Lauren, his girlfriend of 2 years.  When we interviewed Jerek to start brainstorming proposal ideas, the thing that stood out the most was their strong love and relationship with God.  He also expressed such strong feelings for Lauren that we felt we had to put those feelings on display.  The proposal theme for Jerek’s proposal became clear.  We would create signs that highlighted their relationship with God as well as Jerek’s feelings for Lauren.  We would make all of the signs and candles in her favorite turquoise color.  And of course, we would do this all in private room with views of the city. Here is how it went down:




Neither Lauren or Jerek lives in Chicago.  However, Lauren happening to be visiting there with one of her friends.  So Jerek got her friend on board to bring Lauren to the proposal location for an afternoon cocktail.  Jerek nervously waited in the room for the host to escort Lauren up to him.




Imagine Lauren’s surprise when a host interrupted their cocktails because she had a “phone call!”  Lauren was escorted to the proposal room where she found Jerek.



She never expected in a million years that he would be in Chicago at that time so it truly was a surprise marriage proposal.
When she walked in, she walked down an aisle of all of Jerek’s feelings presented on charming signs.  Each sign was surrounded by turquoise votive candles.  After reading each one, she walked up to Jerek and he asked her for her hand in marriage.  She said yes!!




We are so honored to have been a part of this very special day.  If you want to get started planning your heartfelt marriage proposal, contact The Heart Bandits today.  We have planned over 2,000  proposals all over the world and we hope to work with you next!  Don’t forget to consider how you will hide your bulky engagement ring box. Our partner’s at Ring Stash sells a flat engagement ring box that will solve that problem!


Proposal Planning: The Heart Bandits

Photography: Elizabeth Nord Photography

Signs: Kehoe Deisgns


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