Ted and Jessi are both elementary school teachers who happened to be coming to Chicago for a much needed vacation.  As you can see from Jessi’s shirt, she is a die-hard cubs fan so this was the perfect proposal for her.  Ted told Jessi that he won the tour from the school he works at but she thought it was just going to be a group tour with a bunch of tourists.  She had no idea of the many surprises she was in store for.


The first surprise she learned was that this was a a private, VIP tour!  Yes, it would just be her, Ted, and the guide.  She would even see some players warming up for a game!


Next, she realized there was a photographer following them around and she thought it was just another cool part of the package Ted won!  A photographer to take photos of them while they are on their VIP tour, how special!!  But the next surprise, was the biggest surprise of them all.  Towards the end of the tour, the tour guide asked her to look at the scoreboard and there read the message, “Jessi, Will You Marry Me?”



She was in complete shock but of course said yes to her perfect proposal!  Congratulations Ted and Jessi.  Thank you for letting The Heart Bandits play a small role in your big day.

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Proposal Planning: The Heart Bandits

Photography: Millicent Wong Photography


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