Romantic San Francisco marriage proposal

I am obsessed with this adorable and charming San Francisco marriage proposal!  In college when Dongjin was homesick his girlfriend would always say to him, “Home is wherever we are together.” During the times when he needed comfort the most, she would tell him that sweet message and that is when he knew she was the one. For the proposal, we came up with the idea to have that message written on a banner draped with garland and framed by her favorite colored flowers.

Waiting to propose marriageBeautiful flower closeupUnique proposal idea with photos in jarsUnique marriage proposal idea

Dongjin nervously waited as her friends brought Simeng to where he was waiting in a suit to surprise her.  Looking mighty dapper I might add!  Simeng was completely shocked when she saw him in the suit and as he walked her down her favorite colored rose petal aisle.  They passed by shepherd hooks which held pictures of them in jars so they could reminisce on their memories.  A violinist played romantic music as Dongjin dropped to his knee to propose.  Simeng said “YES!!”

Emotional marriage proposal momentSweet marriage proposalOn bended knee

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Happy couple after engagementEngagement idea

Proposal Planning: The Heart Bandits

Photographer: Bryan Tan

Flowers: Plumweed


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