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Canada’s Most Romantic Marriage Proposal


As the title says, today I am going to share with you the most romantic marriage proposal Canada has ever seen!  And I am extra excited to share it with you because my company The Heart Bandits-Marriage Proposal Planners planned the entire thing.  It all started when Logan contacted us and asked us for help with his proposal to the love of his life, Laura.  It was very important to Logan that he hire a Proposal Planner that could create a really romantic and intimate setting for him and we are so glad he chose us.

First, we worked with Logan to create some proposal ideas.  We came up with several concepts and Logan meshed them all into the amazing proposal idea you see below.    We suggested that Logan tell Laura they were going out to a fancy dinner at The Windsor Club for Valentine’s Day.  Laura was shocked when she was escorted to a private room that had a sign in front with her Chinese nickname on it.  She opened the door to see the entire room filled with red roses, candles, a memory tree, a poem painted on a canvas by a professional artist, pictures of her and Logan, and much more.  Logan led her around the room, read her the poem, and even serenaded her with Love Me Tender.  Soon their friends joined to celebrate the couples amazing engagement.  So grab a tissue and watch the video by Brent Foster Photography.  Flowers by Oak Farms, LTD.

If you want a romantic marriage proposal like this contact the #1 Proposal Planners- The Heart Bandits.  We plan proposals in Canada, US, Europe, Australia, and more.  Let us plan your perfect proposal and contact us today!













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An entrepreneur since childhood, Michele is proud to have left her Air Force and corporate career behind to start her own business that she is truly passionate about. Her “type-A personality” has certainly proven useful when creating dream proposals where the stakes are extremely high. Armed with a Business degree, a no-nonsense attitude, and the drive to do whatever it takes to bring her client’s vision to life, she has successfully masterminded hundreds of perfect marriage proposals. In her spare time, you will find Michele laughing, dancing, and spending time with family.

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