There is a reason why The Heart Bandits are known as the #1 Proposal Planners in the world…..we make proposal dreams come true.  Allison contacted us because she wanted to create a memorable marriage proposal for her partner Heather. While she considered doing a Flash Mob, she wanted it to really stand out and be worthy of her partner.  After interviewing Allison, we learned that her partner Heather is a lover of the arts.  She is a performer herself and a huge fan of Broadway, especially Rent.  Since the couple already planned on visiting New York, home of Broadway, we came up with a Broadway style flash mob that will not soon be forgotten.

We previously worked with the very talented choreographer Danielle Quisenberry so we knew she was the perfect lady for the job. Our vision was executed in a way that even surpassed our own expectations.  First, we rented out a portion of the Gramercy Park Hotel and made it look like a bar area that was serving food.  Every single person in the bar area were actors/dancers we hired for the Flash Mob.  The actors were so much in character, that when my photographer arrived she thought they were really just people brunching.  There was a little girl “celebrating her birthday,” complete with gifts and a cake.  The waitress was part of the flash mob.  I mean, everyone had very defined roles and stuck to their characters.

Actors before a marriage proposal

Setting the scene for a unique proposal idea

Creative proposal ideas

Actors before a Broadway style Flash Mob in New York

Heather, Allison, and her 4 friends arrived for brunch, and were told their seats weren’t ready yet but they could wait in the bar area.  Heather had no idea what was about to happen.  All of the sudden, “Seasons Of Love” from her favorite Broadway show Rent came on and all of the people who she thought were just eating brunch, began dancing!

Amazing Broadway Flash Mob performance

Emotional significant other during creative proposal idea

Broadway Flash Mob proposal idea

Dancers during flash mob in New York

Slowly, Heather began to realize that this was all for her.  Suddenly, signs started popping up from behind the bar which talked about her and Allison’s relationship.  Yes, the bartender was in on it too!

Marriage proposal sign

Romantic sign for engagement

Allison brought her beloved front and center and finally revealed that she put this whole thing together so that she could ask her to be her wife.

Marriage proposal speech in front of flash mob

Marriage proposal kiss

Heather said YES!!!  We are so honored to have been a part of this beautiful couple’s special day.  If you want to plan a dream proposal for your partner, you have come to the right place.  Contact The Heart Bandits today, we won’t let you down.

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Group shot after Broadway Flash Mob proposal

Proposal Planning: The Heart Bandits

Choreography: Danielle Quisenberry

Venue: Gramercy Park Hotel

Video: We Cinemas

Photo: Petronella Photography


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